Selling Your Vehicle to Corbett Auto

Buy, Sell, Consign, Pawn
Whether you are trading in your vehicle to buy a new one or simply want to sell your car, we have several options to best suit your needs. If you need money right away and don’t want the hassle of selling a car, we can buy your car directly. Or if you are looking to make a change, you can trade-in your vehicle and save on taxes. If you don’t need cash right away, we are always open to consignment. Finally, if you just need short term cash, we also offer pawn loans which gives you the option to sell your vehicle to us or to re-pay the loan and get your vehicle back.

Bring your car and title to our store and typically within 30 minutes we can provide a complete market value assessment of your vehicle. You are under no obligation to sell your vehicle to us. Many of our customers utilize our market assessment to gauge the value of their vehicle and then shop around or try to sell themselves. Yes, you may be able to make more money selling the vehicle yourself but you will still need to focus on advertising the car,mosquito incense holder dealing with strangers and test drives and finally completing the financial transaction in a secure fashion. We always recommend this approach if you are equipped to handle it. When we buy a car, we often do simple repairs, detail and cosmetic improvements. We also market the vehicle and assume the risk of not being able to sell it. The difference between what we buy your car for and our ultimate sale price helps pay for these other costs.

We provide a market assessment of your vehicle and apply the value of your trade-in towards your new purchase. This is very similar to simply selling the vehicle to us however, you save significantly on sales tax since you only pay tax on the difference. We provide accurate and honest estimates. If the vehicle needs repairs to make it a sellable vehicle, we utilize our own in-house repair service to reduce costs and pass those savings on to you.

A hybrid approach to selling a vehicle is to use our consignment services. We negotiate a fixed fee for selling your vehicle up front. You leave your vehicle with us to market and sell. While a vehicle is on consignment, you are still the owner and are required to maintain registration and insurance. For vehicles priced well, our typical sale period is about 15-45 days. If you do not need money right away and can part with your vehicle while it is being sold, this might be a great option for you to maximize the amount you get without any of the headache of actually selling your car yourself.

A unique offering we have is Auto Pawn. This is done through our subsidiary Auto Pawn America. Simple bring in your vehicle and clear title and we can provide you with a pawn quote immediately. We provide a short term pawn loan using your vehicle as collateral. You then have the option of paying back the loan and getting your vehicle back or simply keep the money and sell your vehicle to us. This is a very flexible way to get immediate cash and decide if you want to sell the vehicle at a later date.