How long has Corbett Auto been in business?

Corbett Auto has been open since 1987. We have been at the same location serving the Loveland community. The business was founded by Bill Corbett and is managed by his son John Corbett. Both Bill & John are residents of Loveland.

Do you accept trade-in’s?

Yes! We welcome you to bring in your vehicle and we will give you an assessment of the value on the spot. We have very flexible options to meet your specific needs. These range from trading in your vehicle, buying your vehicle, consignment of your vehicle or even pawning your vehicle. Contact us to talk through each option to see what might work best for you.

Do you buy cars?

Yes. Bring your car and title and we can give you a market price offer typically withing 30 minutes. We can also discuss with you alternative options such as consignment and pawn if you are interested.

What is consignment?

Consignment simply means that you retain ownership (and insurance) on your vehicle but leave it on our lot to sell for you. We handle all the marketing, test drives and paperwork. This relieves all the hassle of advertising a car and dealing with strangers. A typical car on our lot sells within 30 days.

Do you service and repair vehicles?

Absolutely. Over the years, we found it was more cost effective to establish in-house repair service. We have an outstanding mechanic on staff and are equipped to service most makes & models. Our rates are quite reasonable and we will never recommend any sort of unnecessary repair.